Refining Your Pickup Location

On-demand taxi bookings with Hailo are incredibly powerful and our drivers are among the very best in the world when it comes to getting you quickly and safely to your destination.

However, Hailo drivers rely on our app and our passengers to guide them to the right pickup location.

In many cases, of course, simply opening the Hailo app and tapping 'Pick Me Up Here' will provide your driver all the information he or she needs.

But London is a complicated city, and at times you might need to make a little extra effort in order to pinpoint your exact location.

Luckily, Hailo makes this easy and we even save your refinements for using the next time.

Here's how..

1. Expand The Map

Use the touch screen "finger pinch/stretch" technique to expand the size (and detail) of the Hailo map. This will show London's streets in more detail, enabling you to place your little blue man as near as possible to your exact street location (see example above).

Tip: Tap the 'cross-hair' icon to re-centre the map to your current part of London.

2. Add Location Description

By tapping the 'Pickup Location' link (the grey arrow above the yellow 'Pick Me Up Here' button) you can add a street number or building/business name. 

You can even use this feature to enter other details like "side door" if you find yourself in a complicated location or if you want to avoid a crowd outside a venue, for example.

Tip: If your location is unusually complex, use the 'Call' button (appears top right once your driver is confirmed) to contact your driver and explain exactly where you are.

3. Use Your Saved Places

Each time you use the 'Expanded Map' and/or 'Location Description' technique to book a Hailo cab, the refined address is stored in your account as a 'Recent Location' to be used again.

To choose a Recent Location as either a Pickup point or Destination, simply tap the 'Search' button (looks like a spy glass) found just above 'Pick Me Up Here' button.

We're working on more ways to make Hailo even easier to use, but using these options will go a long way towards making Hailo faster and more effective.

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