London Taxi Pricing Explained

Hailo cuts through London Taxi price confusion

At Hailo, our goal is to provide our customers with the ultimate London taxi experience.

This not only includes features like booking from the comfort and safety of indoors, but transparency and fairness in our pricing as well.

That being said, we fully understand that London taxi fares are not the easiest things in the world to understand, so we thought it would be helpful to explain where Hailo prices stand relative to other London taxi services, and why booking with Hailo represents such good value.

Hailo Pricing

The Meter

Our pricing policy can perhaps best be summed up by the phrase "just the meter". The meter, of course, is the TfL-regulated unit that every black cab has on its dashboard in order to establish the charge for your journey.

Meters work on a "per mile" basis and charge slightly different rates for daytimes (6am-8pm), evenings/weekends and late nights (10pm-6am). Meters also have a time-based option for when travel speeds drop below 10.4 miles per hour e.g. when you are in a traffic.

Flag Fall

Also referred to as a 'Drop Down' charge, this is a TfL-regulated fee that is charged at the start of your journey. Currently this is set at £2.40 and applies to all black cab journeys, no matter how or where they are booked.

In London, the meter and the Flag Fall are the only charges that apply to Hailo.

Minimum Fares

On Hailo the minimum fare per booking is £5 and this is inclusive of the Flag Fall.  By contrast, many Private Hire firms apply a minimum charge of £11 or more.

Driver Tips

Under the Settings menu you will find our ''Auto Tip" feature that is proving very popular with our customers.  This reveals a great deal about the quality of Hailo drivers.

What Hailo Doesn't Charge

Hailo cabs arrive at your designated pick up location with nothing extra on the meter and will wait for you at no charge for up to 5 minutes. Neither do our drivers charge anything extra for paying with your debit or credit card.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of other black cab booking services, Private Hire/minicab operators and various credit card payment terminals, almost all of whom add some mix of the following charges in addition to the meter or quoted fare:

Booking Fees

A TfL-set fee (currently set at £2) for ordering a black cab from many telephone booking services which is in addition to the Run In Fee (see below).  Many large minicab firms also apply this fee which is essentially a charge for giving them your business.

Run-In Fees

A fee ranging from £3.80 to £5 which is charged by many London black cab telephone booking services for getting a cab to your pickup location.  Basically, you''re paying for their inefficient cab allocation model.

Account Fees

These ''admin'' charges can range anywhere from 15% to 25% (sometimes the mandatory tip is folded into this blanket charge) and are typically applied to both Black Cab booking and Private Hire corporate accounts.

Card Fees

Charges ranging from £1 or £2 and up to 12.5% (!) of the total fare (which ever is greater) for paying by credit/debit card. By contrast, Hailo charges nothing (zero) for paying by credit/debit cards and they can even be pre-registered in the app for added convenience.

How Do We Do It?

With innovative technology and an amazing driver network.

Hailo drivers go the extra mile every day by actively using the very latest mobile & GPS technology in order to reduce their costs and pass on the savings to their passengers.

So the more Hailo and our drivers succeed, the more we can work together to offer even more cost-savings in the future.

Happy journeys!

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