Hailo Driver on C4's 'Come Dine With Me'

Update: If you missed the live broadcast you can always watch Nik's appearance later via the 4OD page for 'Come Dine With Me'.

We thought our customers might be interested to know that London cabbie and Hailo Driver Nik Christides will be making his TV début on Channel 4's 'Come Dine With Me' this evening.

Here's what Nick had to say about the experience;

"I had a week of complete and total fun!! I had to take a week off work as the filming schedule was pretty hectic but I was lucky enough to be blessed with four delightful co-hosts. Three hours of sleep each night was about average!"

"Part of this experience came about as a result of a challenge I took up with a passenger last year.  My customer was a chef and we were stuck in an horrendous jam on a boiling hot day, and we had a little debate as to whether my bonnet was hot enough to fry an egg."

"I took of video of the attempt that followed and sent this in as part of my CDWT application. I think that is what clinched it for me. By the way - Betsy was the name of my previous cab."

"Hope this impresses our lovely punters, and makes my colleagues larf a bit!  Thanks for a sterling service and product.  Be lucky!"

Have a look at Nik's video:

Let's all hope Nik does better on tonight's show than he did making that omelette on his bonnet. In fact, he must have done at least ok as you can see one of his recipes on the Channel 4 website.

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