Using a Hailo Promo Code

We love getting people to try Hailo and experience the great service we offer every day.

To sweeten the deal, we sometimes give out Promo Codes with free credit that you can use on your next Hailo cab ride. If you pick up one of our Promo Codes, here’s how to add it to your account and take advantage of some sweet, sweet Hailo Credit.

Access Your Account

Step 1: Tap "Account" (the little icon in the top left corner). Note: a gold coin icon indicates you have some existing but unused Taxi Credits on your Account.

Step 2: Tap "Hailo Credits"

Enter Your Code

Tap 'Done' on iPhone or 'Submit' on Android. If the credit was added successfully, you will see it appear instantly on the Hailo Credits screen:

A little gold coin will also appear over the Account icon on your Hailo app's home screen.

Use Your Credit

  • If you have multiple credits, you oldest credit will always be used first. There is currently no way to change this order.
  • If your total fare (including tip and Hailo Fee) is less than your Hailo Credit, you will pay nothing for the trip but the entire credit will be taken.
  • If your total fare is more than your Hailo Credit, only the difference will apply. This will be confirmed in your Trip History screen (found under Account) and on your email receipt.

Let The Good Times Roll!

You're now good to go. 

We hope you enjoy using your free Hailo Taxi Credits!

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