An Open Letter To Boston Cab Drivers Concerning The Boston Globe Spotlight Investigation

In January, Hailo surveyed 200 cab drivers in Boston and found that 60 percent spend between a quarter and half of their shifts without passengers and many work more than 60 hours a week just to make ends meet. As licensed Boston taxi drivers for 20 and 30 years, these findings did not surprise us. As managers and partners in Hailo, the world’s biggest taxi app, we believe strongly that technology can help.

This week’s Globe Spotlight series highlights more than just the economic difficulties drivers face. It demonstrates how drivers struggle to make an honest living.

As a company founded by cab drivers for licensed cab drivers (three of Hailo’s co-founders drive cabs in London) Hailo uses smartphone technology that enables drivers to connect with passengers around the corner. In less than 18 months since launch over 30,000 drivers around the world have joined and they are earning on average 30 percent more per shift.

We know first-hand that driving a cab is hard work. We believe technology and a service that does not take advantage of drivers and only wins when they win is the key to Boston’s new and better taxi service.


Alex Beker and Andre-Michel Colas

Driver Partners, Hailo Boston

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