TLC Hearing Update

Hailo at TLC
Ashwini Chhabra, TLC Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Programs

Hailing a taxi with a single tap of your phone is on the horizon. Yesterday, twenty-three members of the Hailo Driver Team attended a hearing at the TLC (NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission) to discuss proposed new rules for taxi apps. 

The team highlighted the benefits of bringing e-hails to NYC, including reducing the search for taxis by New Yorkers and increasing drivers' income by more quickly finding passengers. They also demonstrated to the TLC how Hailo only works with licensed yellow cab drivers.  

A deputy commissioner of the TLC also described the benefits taxi apps. "For drivers, the technology promises more efficient cruising," said Ashwini Chhabra. Ashwini also cited figures taken from a survey completed by taxi passengers, stating that 70% of passengers have smartphones and 55% want the ability to e-hail taxis and pay by smartphone.

Jahangir, Melissa and Delaneau from our Driver Team, as well as our CEO, Jay Bregman, also testified to the Commissioners. Here are some highlights from their testimonies:


“Every 10 seconds across the world a licensed taxi driver accepts a Hailo e-hail. And with each match we help chip away the millions of dollars lost by drivers and hours wasted by passengers.”

Jahangir TLC


“I deeply care about New York City and its taxi industry and what happens to it. ... I am here today to say that the TLC should ensure that the NYC taxi market continues to be the world standard for innovation and technology. We need to continue to embrace technology not fear it.”


DelaneauDelaneau TLC

“My experience is very comprehensive and includes driving both black cars and yellow cabs. … As someone who has spent over 25 years as a driver in the New York City market, I see only upsides to the introduction of e-hailing apps.”


We look forward to the results of the official vote on December 13th. Our team is always glad to offer our experience building networks that serve drivers and passengers across the globe. Yesterday's hearing was a chance for technology companies and industry groups to share more information and answer questions from the TLC.

The bottom line

We look forward to offering passengers the seamless experience of using Hailo in early 2013. Sign up today to be among the first to get on board! You can also download the app and use it the next time you're in London, Dublin, Chicago, Boston or Toronto.

Thousands of New York City taxi drivers are already benefiting from Hailo; their interest and support helps us get our driver network ready for a great launch. Stay tuned for more as we continue moving forward. We're ready to make taxi history in New York City!

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