Holiday Travel with Hailo

Happy Holidays

Hailo is coming to New York City in early 2013. We're excited for you to experience the same great service customers in London, Dublin, Toronto, Boston and Chicago already love. If you're traveling to one of our sister cities over the holidays, we’d like to share a special holiday offer of $10 off your first Hailo ride*.

To preview what's coming to NYC, download the app from iTunes or Google Play and enter the promo code below:


• Chicago - HOLIDAYCHI



• Toronto - HOLIDAYTOR

Here's a quick guide on how to enter the promo code. First, download and register for Hailo on iOS or Android. Once you’re in the app:

  • Tap Account (the little icon top left corner)
  • Tap Hailo Credits
  • Enter your promo code (see screen below)
  • Tap 'Done' on iPhone or 'Submit' on Android.


When added successfully, you will see the credit appear instantly on the Hailo Credits screen. A little gold coin icon will also appear over your Account icon on the home screen:

Credit added    Coin icon

If you add the credit before you arrive in a Hailo city, you may see a message that says, "you don't currently have any credits." The credit will activate as soon as you're in the area.

Redeem Your Taxi Credit

Once a Hailo Credit has been added, the amount will be credited towards your next ride.

There is no way to change this, so please be sure to make your next Hailo trip one that will use as much of your free taxi credit as possible.

Enjoy your free taxi credit!

We hope Hailo can help take some hassle out of your Holiday travels. In addition to downloading the app, make sure you sign up to be one of the first to get notified when we bring Hailo to NYC in early 2013.

* $10 USD in Chicago and Boston, $10 CAD in Toronto, €10 EUR in Dublin and £10 GBP in LON. Each city's code can only be used when you're in that city and is non-transferable. Hailo rides in each city must be booked via Card account which require a credit or debit card to be added to your account.
If your fare plus the Hailo Fee adds up to less than your Hailo Credit, you will pay nothing for the trip, but the entire credit will be taken. Hailo does not enable you to apply any unused balance towards future rides.
If your fare plus the Hailo Fee adds up to more than your Hailo Credit, you will only pay the difference. This will be confirmed in the Trip History screen on the app (under Account) and on your email receipt.
This offer expires 1/31/13. 

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